What is UV Sanitizer and does it work?

by UltiMagine on July 23, 2020

        Ultraviolent radiation is mainly generated by the sun, and the solar emissions that reach the earth include Ultraviolet radiation, heat and visible light. Ultraviolet radiation is classified into three regions, and UVC is one of them. UVC does not reach the earth since it is absorbed by the ozone and other gases. UVC has a wavelength of about 100 to 280 nanometres, and it is highly dangerous for human exposure. Since it has the shortest wavelength, it is filtered before touching the earth's surface. UVC that has the shortest wavelength has more impact and can be lethal to human beings. However, it is highly effective in killing germs, and it is used for this purpose. Different products have been developed using UVC lamps to disinfect different products and surfaces. In this case, Cahot Sanitizer Aromatherapy Sterilizing Equipment is one of the best Sterilizers that uses UVC radiation to kill different microorganisms found in different equipment and personal essentials that are constantly used by people. Cahot Sanitizer uses UVC as a bactericide and germicide to disable and kill viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that cause different diseases. UVC has been used as a germicide for a long period, and it has a reputation of killing 99.9% of germs. In most cases, UVC is used in medical setups, but Cahot Sanitizer has ensured that it is used in normal setups where people are exposed to different pathogens. Cahot has been designed in a way that it utilizes UVC optimally reducing any chances of harming people by exposing them to UVC radiations.

        It is critical to have all facts about how UV rays work to understand why UVC is used in sanitizers and sterilizers such as Cahot sanitizer. In this case, UV radiation is classified into three regions, and they include UVC, UVA, and UVB. UVA has the longest wavelengths, and it accounts for almost 95% of the entire UV radiations that reach the earth's surface. UVA does not kill germs due to its long wavelength, which makes it unable to penetrate an organism and strike its DNA is a way that it rearranges its original sequence. UVB kills some germs, and it is used for different treatments. It is mostly used to kill oral bacteria and other effects related to immune regulation. The reason why it does not kill all germs is due to the strength of its wavelength, which limits its impact on germs. However, it has the capacity to damage the DNA of different organisms, even people, but it is also absorbed and does not reach the earth's surface. In this case, UVC is used to kill germs because of the intensity of its wavelength, which makes it have the strongest impact compared to UVB and UVA. 

        Cahot Sanitizer is designed in a way that it has strong led beads that eliminate pathogens and ensure personal essentials such as cell phones are not contaminated with germs. It is easy to know whether it is working because after putting personal essentials such as your cell phone and closing the lid, the UVC-lamps switch on. One the lid is closed, there is a light indicator, and after the sterilization is done in a few minutes, the indicator goes off. A lot of tests have been done with the aim of testing whether Cahot Sanitizer works, and the results show that it eliminates 99.9% germs on cell phone surfaces and other essentials. It is easy to operate Cohat Sanitizer because it only has one button, and even seniors can control it with minimal challenges. 

        In the current situation, when everyone is facing the COVID-19 crisis, it is critical to stay safe by acquiring a Cahot Sanitizer. In this case, the common question that people have is how UVC rays in Cahot Sanitizer lamps kill germs. UVC rays kill germs by penetrating into a pathogen's DNA, and strikes it, causing similar strands to stick together. The normal structure of the DNA of a pathogen has different strands that are paired, and when UVC rays strike, they rearrange the original sequence disabling the pathogen's ability to reproduce or function. This leads to the death of the pathogen.   

         As stated, Cahot Sanitizer is made in a way that ensures that the customer or user is not exposed to UVC rays. Generally, UVC is harmful to our body because, as stated it short wavelengths have more impact on human DNA. UVC is carcinogenic and can cause skin cancer to a person after a few minutes of exposure. However, in normal conditions, one cannot be harmed by UVC after exposing unprotected skin to the sunlight because it does not reach the earth's surface. In this case, artificial UVC light is very dangerous once exposed to unprotected human skin. This is because it has the ability to damage human DNA the same way it damages the DNA of different pathogens. 

        Many people are asking the question, why buy Cahot sanitizer? The fact is Cahot Sanitizer is the most efficient home-based UVC sterilizer in the market because of its amazing features. Do you know that it has eight lead beads on the top, which ensure that it sufficiently eliminates 99.9% hazards on your different essentials? With Cohat Sanitizer, you only need 3 minutes to sanitize and disinfect your cell-phone and other essentials. I know you are concerned about the safety of this product, but it has been designed in a way that the chances of being exposed to UVC rays are next to zero. Cahot Sanitizer is safe to use, and its safety has been secured in its design. It has a switch cover that is magnetic that ensures that the light is switched off once the lid is opened. This product has been approved by different bodies, and its safety is guaranteed. The large size of Cohat Sanitizer makes it the best product in the market because it is compatible with all phones regardless of their sizes. Its design is amazing, and it looks awesome; hence you can carry it anywhere you go.


        It is hassle-free and easy to operate, and you can put anything essential such as credit cards, beauty tools, car keys, and even cell phones. This is the best moment to get a Cohat Sanitizer because of the COVID-19 crisis. Cahot Sanitizer will ensure that you are COVID-19 free since all your essential staff will be sanitized regularly. Its price is friendly, based on its superior features. With only $64.99, you can remain germs free and safeguard yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 and other deadly pathogens you interact with regularly. Make your health a priority by getting yourself a Cohat Sanitizer in different online and retail platforms near you.


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