Do UV Sanitizer Boxes Kill Viruses and Germs

by UltiMagine on June 17, 2020

    Since the onset of COVID-19, people are reconsidering the threat germs pose and re-evaluating cleaning methods.  People now hesitate to touch any items that could be exposed to germs, including our own handheld devices. Chemical cleaners are not only cleaned off the shelves these days but can present health risks of their own when used.

Instead, people are turning to UV-light sanitizers, which are proven to combat germs and viruses. UV sanitizer boxes are particularly growing in popularity since they are one of the safest ways to sanitize phones and other handheld items.

Do UV Sanitizer Boxes Kill Viruses and Germs?

In the UV spectrum, there are UVA, UVB, and UVC Rays, which classified based on their wavelengths. Of these, UVC Rays have the highest energy and shortest wavelength compared to the other two. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 200 nanometers and 280 nanometers (UV-C light) has the power to disinfect surfaces from viruses and germs. That is why we equip our Cahot Portable UV Sanitizer with 8 genuine LED UV-C lamps for complete sanitization. 

To get a better understanding of how UV lights disinfect, we must understand the science behind it. UV-C light of this particular wavelength is lethal to viruses and bacteria as it damages or scrambles the nuclear material (RNA or DNA code of the pathogens). Due to this, there are deadly mutations that stop these viruses or bacteria from reproducing normally. There have been many conclusive reports that UV Sanitizer light is highly effective against a range of dangerous viruses and bacteria, from E. Coli to MRSA, including the flu. 

UV Sanitizer Boxes vs. Chemical Disinfectants

Chemical treatments can be used to the same effect as a UV Sanitizer, but due to the way chemicals work, there is a residue of the chemical or liquid left behind that continues to act against the pathogen. If a person comes in contact with the surface that has been recently sanitized using these chemicals, it might be harmful to their skin, and this is especially true in the case of children. Chemicals often also have a harsh smell and can be harmful to breathe in.

Another known fact is that chemical disinfectants do not completely sanitize soft surfaces, such as paper, bedding, upholstery. This is where efficient, inexpensive, and effective UV-C Sanitizers come into play. UV light works on all surfaces, not just smooth surfaces. Official measures are being taken to install industrial UV light devices in places where a lot of people congregate, like airports, subways, restaurants. But until those measures are in place, people can use smaller devices like portable UV sanitizer boxes, wands, and pouches.

Sanitizing Handheld Items

A UV Sanitizer box is useful for disinfecting personal items like mobile phones, wallets, currency notes, coins, tablets, jewelry, glasses, and much more. The Cahot Portable UV Sanitizer and similar devices disinfect the items by acting on every inch of its surface area. using up to 8 LED UV-C lamps, the Cahot UV sanitizer box is one of the quickest and safest ways to mitigate the risk from these pathogens. t eliminates 99.9% of viruses and germs within 3 minutes.

Microbes are attracted to glass and plastic, as much as human skin. It is essential to sanitize our mobile phones and other handheld items since our frequent hand contact with them transfers germs both ways.  Not only does this UV sanitizer box fight against the viruses and bacteria on your mobile phone, but it also serves as a wireless charger for any Android/IOS QI-enabled device.

Also, the UV sterilizer device is large enough to accommodate a 6.5-inch device without removing the phone case, and the portable design makes it easy to fit the box in your backpacks or cars. It can also be used to disinfect face masks, that can make them last longer. Thus, this device is very useful to workers who are at the frontline of an epidemic or a pandemic, like doctors, nurses, policemen, grocery workers, and firefighters. Only a few frontline staff have access to professional UV irradiation chambers or cabinets, but now, you can have your own portable UV sanitizer.

Are UV Sanitizer Boxes Safe?

UV light is the same type of light that causes sunburns and skin damage. Ultraviolet light can damage eye cells and human skin when someone is directly exposed to this light for a long duration. That is why enclosed UV sanitizer boxes are one of the safest ways to utilize UV light for sterilizing. Other UV sanitizing devices, like UV sanitizing wands, potentially expose the user to harmful UV rays. The Cahot UV Sanitizer box automatically turns off the UV lamps when the box is opened. This safety feature ensures minimal or no exposure to the UVC rays.



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