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    It is a UV light sterilizing robot that can be used to decompose and destroy the DNA of germs there by minimizing their spread in the environment. The CAHOT portable UV sanitizers is used to sanitize the smartphone, glasses, and Jewelry watches. 

  What is contained inside the package?

  • It contains portable UV sanitizer Box
  • It comes with one charging cable
  • There are two droppers
  • There are always five stickers as gift to the customers.
  • This can be operated manually.
  • Thanks, card also accompanies the package once you acquire it.

Specification of the box.

  • Material: ABS Plus PC
  • Several colours are available at your own choice including white, red and orange.
  • Input: it can accommodate 5voltes with 2 amperes and 9v with 2 amperes.
  • It uses a wireless output of 5W, 7.5W and 10W being maximum
  • The maximum UV light output of 2W that does not harm the skin of the use.
  • The induction is less than 6 millimetres.
  • The specification dimension of 8.3* 4.7*2.4 that is convenient to carry and keep.
  • It is convenient for the phone up to the size of 6.2
  • It has a weight of up to 300 grams enabling the user to comfortable carry from one place to the other.

This is a multifunctioning UV light box that is portable and convenient to the user. Can help the user to stop the rapid spread of the viruses, bacteria and fugus. Now its advisable not to put yourself in a risk of conducting disease causing micro-organisms from the surrounding including the friends you closely walk with.

Purpose of UV cleaner Box.

The box fit the smartphones up to 6.2 as well as earpads, jewellery, wallet, credit, car keys or any other gadget. It completely gives a disinfection to the above-mentioned gadgets making the environment free from the virus, bacteria and fugus. The UV lamps inside the box will turn off automatically once you open the magnetic switch cover, this enables the user to protect himself from ultraviolent light that may interfere with the skin. Due to this protection the user is free to keep the box on top the table at any time even where the children can access since it’s not harmful.

How suitable it is to the user.

The box is well equipped with the Dual UV light that is suitable for the complete killing of the Staphylococcus aureus at a rating of 99.9% and Escherichia coli in 18 minutes and kill candida albicans in not more than 30 minutes. This box can enable the user to disinfect his or her gadgets at any moment daily without misbehaving.

With the stunning and attracting aromatherapy function of this sanitizer box, only a few drops of any oil can facilitate its operation to properly disinfectant can leave your gadgets with a relaxing and attracting smell which is convenient to the surrounding and turning your office, bedroom or cubicle and soothing haven of relaxation. When under disinfection it exposes a smell similar to sunlight burning.

The UV light box sanitizers is also made in way that it has a wireless charger for any IOS or Android QI-Enabled devices which supports high devices of phones such as iPhone 8 or higher model, Samsung S7 or higher model you can place a smartphone on top or either inside the box and continue with your daily duties without any interruption.

UV light in the box can turn off automatically once the magnetic switch cover is opened hence providing protection to the user from exposure to the ultraviolent light.


Display images

The following is how the UV-Light sanitizer box can be used by the user to comfortably disinfect the gadgets and enjoy an extra service of wireless charging with QI-enabled devices.

Auto-off switch Approach


Compatibility with the QI-enabled devices



Dual-purposes of UV light sanitizer box.


Answers to the mostly asked question

1. How long to the UV light last and how much to replace them?

There is no need for the user to replace the UV light when it expires. This is because it serves the user for the long period in order to cover his or her expenses used to purchase. The user therefore, is advised to acquire the new box when he or she discover the one in hand is not perfectly disinfecting the gadgets.

2. How long it can be used?

UV light can be used for a specified time of 5000hours and if in between issues arise, you are free to contact the seller for support.

3.How can one use the UV light box?

You are required to add not more than three drops of important oil in order to boost its performance. Then remove your phone case once a week in order to acquire enough disinfection on your gadgets.

4. What is the UV wave length of the light in the box?

The UV wave length of the device is normally 200nm to 280nm (UV-C). This is because it is safe and easy to kill the germs on the user’s gadgets.

5.Where to acquire the UV light box?

UV light boxes can be easily be acquired in any retail shops, wholesales, supermarket and also online markets platforms such as Jumia, Amazon et al.


Product information

This product is well rated at above 4.2 out of 5 stars specifically from the beauty and personal care, hand sanitizers and food care. The product is readily available to the customers at their convenient cost. The product is manufactured by CAHOT manufacturers that is why it is branded as CAHOT UV light box. Can also be identified by the model number, product dimension, item weight and ASIN for the purpose of confirming its originality.


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